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Hi my name is Andreas Friman. Thank you for visiting my website. A little about my website and how it came to life.

90% lose money on Forex. Want to know why?

I started making a website about the Matrix movies. But did not have time to maintain it because you had other things to do all the time. So instead I went to Malta for three months and study to English. Directly when I finished in Malta, I went to Santa Barbara in the US and studied Film and Computer Science. Studied pretty much how Java and CC+ worked and in addition to recording and editing various amateur movies that I created all by myself.

so still curious why 90% lose money on forex?

The biggest reason most people do is to go in with enlarged contracts and high points. When the market is not on your side, expect it to take a few seconds and you have lost everything. So when I refer to when the market is not on your side, it is your duty to think why this happens.

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